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Tool Fear Inoculum CD, Tri-Fold, Art, 4" HD Screen Plays Video

Tool Fear Inoculum CD, Tri-Fold, Art, 4" HD Screen Plays Video

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Turn your music experience up a notch with Tool's 'Fear Inoculum' Special Edition CD. The limited edition tri-fold packaging contains art cards and a unique visual and intensity of specialized videos on the 4-inch HD screen. This isn't just a CD - it's a collector's dream. Connect with the band's dynamic music on a whole new level, and let 'Fear Inoculum' redefine your music appreciation journey. The HD Screen is rechargeable via USB. This product is from the original pressing, a repressing is available on the Tool official website for $68.98.

Formed in 1990, Tool is known for incorporating visual arts into their music. Their work blends elements of heavy metal and progressive rock to create a unique sound that is undeniably theirs. The band, consisting of members Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor, has been acclaimed for their thought-provoking and complexly structured songs.

Tool has won multiple Grammy Awards, and has been instrumental in bringing the progressive metal sound to the mainstream. Known for their sophisticated music, complex compositions, and innovative album packaging, they have carved a niche for themselves in the music world. 'Fear Inoculum,' their fifth studio album, is a testament to the band's artistic and musical evolution, featuring lengthier tracks and more complex rhythms.

As this is a limited edition run, supply is limited and we will sell out. Act now to secure a copy. The value Tool provides for its fans is unmatched and legendary.

Fear Inoculum
Litanie contre la Peur
Legion Inoculant
Culling Voices
Chocolate Chip Trip

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