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Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars "A Beautiful Lie" Red Colored Vinyl LP Record

Thirty Seconds To Mars "A Beautiful Lie" Red Colored Vinyl LP Record

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Let's travel back in time to 1998, when the vision of Thirty Seconds to Mars first entered the musical cosmos. The band, formed by brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, is more than just music; it's a living, breathing art project that transcends sonic expression. Their music, a fusion of progressive rock, hard rock, and post-grunge, has reached out and resonated with millions of fans globally. The band's dedication to their craft has seen them dabble in various genres over the years, experimenting with sounds and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Now, let's fast-forward to 2005, when they released their magnum opus, "A Beautiful Lie." This album was a turning point for Thirty Seconds to Mars, a testament to their evolution as artists and a reflection of their deepening understanding of the music industry. A Beautiful Lie presents a unique blend of melody and raw power, demonstrating the band's ability to craft compelling and deeply emotional music. With introspective lyrics and mesmerizing guitar riffs, it seizes your attention and refuses to let go, reminding you of the transformative power of music.

We're thrilled to present a limited edition, unique red vinyl of "A Beautiful Lie," a testament to the band's enduring legacy. This record is not just a vinyl; it's a piece of music history, an artifact embodying the passion and creativity of Thirty Seconds To Mars. It's a treasure to behold, with its unique red hue adding an extra layer of exclusivity. This limited edition vinyl is a must-have for any avid collector or music enthusiast. So why wait? Make this valuable addition to your music collection today and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Thirty Seconds to Mars.


A1 Attack
A2 A Beautiful Lie
A3 The Kill
A4 Was It A Dream?
A5 The Fantasy
A6 Savior

B1 From Yesterday
B2 The Story
B3 R-Evolve
B4 A Modern Myth
B5 Praying For A Riot
B6 Battle Of One
B7 Hunter

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