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The Weeknd

The Weeknd "After Hours" Clear with Red Splatter Color Vinyl LP Record

The Weeknd "After Hours" Clear with Red Splatter Color Vinyl LP Record

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic and emotional journey of Abel Tesfaye, more popularly known as The Weeknd. This Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer has been captivating audiences since 2010 with his unique blend of R&B, pop, and hip hop. His rich, soulful voice combined with poignant lyrics and eclectic beats have resulted in a signature sound that resonates with listeners around the globe. Undoubtedly, The Weeknd has carved a unique niche in the music industry, embodying the spirit of the modern artist while continuing to push boundaries and redefine genres.

Now, we invite you to experience The Weeknd's groundbreaking fourth studio album, "After Hours," in an entirely new and exquisite way. This special edition vinyl record offers an unparalleled auditory experience that will engross both long-time fans and newcomers alike. "After Hours" is an ambitious and introspective album, with The Weeknd exploring themes of heartbreak, loneliness, and self-discovery. His signature sound is in full display here, accentuated by a stunning array of production techniques. From the pulsating rhythm of "Heartless" to the haunting echoes of "Scared To Live," this album is a testament to The Weeknd's artistic mastery and his unflinching willingness to bare his soul through his music.

What sets this record apart, however, is its unique clear with red splatter variant colored vinyl. This rare and limited edition color adds a visual dimension to your listening experience that is simply unmatched. With each rotation on your record player, you'll be visually reminded of the exclusivity and uniqueness of this particular edition. It's the perfect blend of music and artistry, a treasure for any music collector or avid The Weeknd fan. So don't wait, embrace the opportunity to own this rarity and enhance your vinyl collection with a touch of clear with red splatter variant colored vinyl.


Alone Again 4:10
Too Late 3:59
Hardest To Love 3:31
Scared To Live 3:11
Snowchild 4:07
Escape From LA 5:55
Heartless 3:20
Faith 4:43
Blinding Lights 3:21
In Your Eyes 3:57
Save Your Tears 3:35
Repeat After Me (Interlude) 3:15
After Hours 6:01
Until I Bleed Out 3:10

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