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ROSALÍA "MOTOMAMI" Album On Red Variant Colored Vinyl LP Record

ROSALÍA "MOTOMAMI" Album On Red Variant Colored Vinyl LP Record

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Meet ROSALÍA, a Spanish sensation, whose musical stylings have been setting the world ablaze. Born in Catalonia, Spain, ROSALÍA grew up immersed in the rich traditions of flamenco music. From an early age, she was enchanted by the intricate rhythms and impassioned melodies that are hallmarks of this deeply rooted art form. She didn't just absorb these influences — she transformed them, taking traditional flamenco and forging it with elements of contemporary pop, hip-hop, and R&B. Over time, she has managed to create a unique sound that is both forward-thinking and respectful of her cultural heritage.

ROSALÍA's musical journey has been nothing short of spectacular. Her high-energy performances and genre-defying songs have won her a loyal fan base around the globe. This innovative artist has been awarded numerous accolades and has collaborated with a host of big-name stars. Yet, despite her fame, ROSALÍA remains committed to pushing musical boundaries and expressing her vibrant spirit through each and every track she creates.

Enter "MOTOMAMI," the latest jewel in ROSALÍA's musical crown. This album doesn't just play music - it narrates a captivating tale, interweaving strong lyrics with powerfully evocative melodies. As you listen to "MOTOMAMI," you'll be transported into ROSALÍA's world, a place where each song is a new journey, a new emotion. The album is an exploration of the human experience, a tour de force that showcases ROSALÍA's inimitable talent.

What adds an extra touch of special to "MOTOMAMI" is the fact that it's presented on a limited edition red variant color vinyl. This isn’t just any vinyl record; it's a feast for the senses — visually stunning and audibly breathtaking. The vibrant red variant color disc is a physical embodiment of the energy, passion, and creativity that pulses through each track on this record. It's a collector's dream, a unique piece of musical history that you'll cherish for years to come.

The distinctive red variant color vinyl isn’t just about aesthetics; it's a statement, a symbol of the uniqueness and creativity that defines ROSALÍA and her music. Here's your chance to own a piece of that magic. So why wait? Bring home "MOTOMAMI" today, and immerse yourself in ROSALÍA's extraordinary musical universe.


Saoko 2:17
Candy 3:13
La Fama 3:08
Bulerías 2:35
Chicken Teriyaki 2:02
Hentai 2:42
Bizcochito 1:49
G3 N15 4:12
Motomami 1:01
Diablo 2:45
Delirio de Grandeza 2:35
CUUUUuuuuuute 2:30
Como Un G 4:22
Abcdefg 1:05
La Combi Versace 2:40
Sakura 3:21

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