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Outkast's "ATLiens" Album On Neon Green Variant Color Vinyl LP Record

Outkast's "ATLiens" Album On Neon Green Variant Color Vinyl LP Record

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Reigning from the vibrant rhythm of the Atlanta music scene, Outkast emerges as a beacon of innovation in the world of hip-hop. Formed in 1992, the dynamic duo of André "André 3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton revolutionized the industry with their unique fusion of Southern funk, soul, and psychedelia into the hip-hop genre. Outkast's journey from a humble East Point, Georgia upbringing to international stardom is a testament to their artistry, individuality, and resilience. Throughout their illustrious career, Outkast has consistently challenged the conventions of music, breathing life into the hip-hop landscape with their experimental sound and thought-provoking lyricism.

Immortalized on a breathtakingly beautiful neon green variant color vinyl, their groundbreaking album “ATLiens” is a must-have masterpiece for any true music enthusiast or Outkast aficionado. Released in 1996, “ATLiens” marked a pivotal point in Outkast's career, illustrating their evolution as artists with its bold exploration of uncharted sonic territories. The album’s unique blend of live instrumentation, intricate lyricism, and innovative production techniques demonstrated Outkast’s audacity to shatter preconceived notions of what hip-hop could be.

The neon green variant color vinyl of “ATLiens” is not just an album, it's a tangible representation of Outkast's artistic prowess, encapsulating the ethereal essence of their genre-defying sound. This rare limited edition vinyl offers audiophiles the opportunity to experience the mesmerizing cadence of Outkast in a whole new light. The unique neon green variant color hue of the vinyl adds an element of visual fascination, transforming the act of listening to "ATLiens" into a multisensory experience. Don't miss the chance to add this exceptional piece to your collection, secure your neon green variant color vinyl of "ATLiens" today!


You May Die (Intro) 1:05
Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac) 2:46
ATLiens 3:50
Wheelz Of Steel 4:03
Jazzy Belle 4:12
Elevators (Me & You) 4:25
Ova Da Wudz 3:48
Babylon 4:24
Wailin' 2:00
Mainstream 5:18
Decatur Psalm 3:58
Millennium 3:09
E.T. (Extraterrestrial) 3:07
13th Floor / Growing Old 7:50
Elevators (ONP 86 Mix) 4:36

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