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Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS "S" Album On Purple Color Vinyl LP Record

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS "S" Album On Purple Color Vinyl LP Record

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When it comes to influential voices in the music industry, few stand out as much as Olivia Rodrigo. Infusing a vibrant mix of pop and alternative, Rodrigo has managed to create a unique sound that resonates with listeners worldwide. She began her musical journey at a young age, honing her talent into a defining force. Her passion for music was evident from the start, and this enthusiasm led to her debut as a singer-songwriter.

Rodrigo's individualistic approach to music has garnered her a dedicated fan base. Recognized for her emotive lyrical content and the powerful rawness in her voice, Rodrigo connects with her audience on a profound level. Her songs, often reflecting on love, heartbreak, and the highs and lows of being a teenager, appeal to listeners across all age groups, proving her versatility as an artist.

Presenting "GUTS" - the latest album from Olivia Rodrigo. This limited edition vinyl, in a unique purple, is more than just a collector's item. It holds within its grooves the very essence of Rodrigo's talent. Each track offers an authentic representation of Rodrigo's journey – from the throbbing beats of self-discovery to the soothing harmonies of reflection.

"GUTS" is a testament to Rodrigo's growth as an artist. It fuses the familiar, heart-wrenching narratives Rodrigo is known for, with a fresh, daring perspective - creating an unforgettable sonic experience. This album is more than a collection of songs; it's a musical narrative that personifies Rodrigo's bravery and resilience. The purple vinyl, a rare limited edition, reflects this boldness, setting it apart from traditional records.

This isn't just another album; it's a piece of Rodrigo's soul, etched onto a uniquely purple color vinyl. It's a testament to her journey, her triumphs, her 'GUTS'. Don't miss out on this rare gem in the world of music!


All-American Bitch 2:45
Bad Idea Right? 3:04
Vampire 3:39
Lacy 2:57
Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl 3:23
Making The Bed 3:18
Logical 3:51
Get Him Back! 3:31
Love Is Embarrassing 2:34
The Grudge 3:09
Pretty Isn't Pretty 3:19
Teenage Dream 3:42

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