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Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny's X 100PRE Yellow Vinyl LP Record

Bad Bunny's X 100PRE Yellow Vinyl LP Record

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Bad Bunny is breaking boundaries with his "X100PRE" album on yellow vinyl. Hear the rich, warm tones, and feel the magic of analog music. Uncover the vinyl's vivid color and let it transform your music journey!

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny is a Grammy award-winning Latin trap and reggaeton singer who skyrocketed to global fame in the mid-2010s. He started his career releasing songs on SoundCloud and soon caught the eye of DJ Luian, signing to his record label. Known for his deep voice, high-energy performances, and eclectic fashion, Bad Bunny has pushed the boundaries of Latin music, becoming one of its most popular ambassadors. He has collaborated with artists like Drake, Cardi B, and J Balvin.

Album Tracks:
200 MPH
¿Quien Tu Eres?
Tenemos Que Hablar
Otra Noche en Miami
Ser Bichote
Si Estuviesemos Juntos
Solo de Mi
Cuando Perriestas
La Romana
Como Antes
Estamos Bien

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