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Avicii's "True" Album On Clear Colored Vinyl LP Record

Avicii's "True" Album On Clear Colored Vinyl LP Record

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Dive deep into the entrancing world of Avicii with the "True" album, now available in an exclusive clear vinyl edition. Experience the ethereal beauty of tracks that changed the course of electronic music, all while holding a translucent slice of musical history. As you place the needle down, let Avicii's signature beats envelop you, transporting you to a realm of sonic wonder.

Every clear vinyl is a testament to Avicii's unparalleled artistry, offering both a visual and auditory experience. From iconic tracks like "Wake Me Up" to the heartwarming "Hey Brother", every groove in this vinyl tells a story.


Avicii, born Tim Bergling, was more than just a music producer; he was a visionary. The Swedish talent skyrocketed to global fame, pushing the boundaries of electronic music. His innovative blend of EDM with folk and country elements made "True" a genre-defining masterpiece. Sadly, Avicii's journey was cut short, but his indomitable spirit and passion resonate in every track he created. He not only left behind a legacy of chart-topping hits but also became an inspiration for countless artists worldwide.

A1. Wake Me Up
A2. You Make Me
A3. Hey Brother
A4. Addicted To You
A5. Dear Boy
B1. Liar Liar
B2. Shame On Me
B3. Lay Me Down
B4. Hope There's Someone
B5. Heart Upon My Sleeve

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