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All Time Low

All Time Low's "Nothing Personal" Neon Purple Color Vinyl LP Record

All Time Low's "Nothing Personal" Neon Purple Color Vinyl LP Record

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Immerse yourself in the melodic world of All Time Low, a dynamic quartet, who, since their formation in 2003, have been consistently surprising the music industry with their creative prowess and sheer artistic tenacity. Hailing from Towson, Maryland, these four childhood friends, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, and Zack Merrick, embarked on their musical journey, armed with nothing more than their passion for music and a shared dream of making it big in the industry.

Fast forward nearly two decades, All Time Low have become a household name in the pop-punk genre, with an array of exciting albums to their credit, each one an ode to their experimental spirit. Their discography is a testament to their evolution as a band, journeying from the raw and edgy style of their early days to a more refined and mature sound, all the while retaining their trademark energy and fervor.

One such gem from their extensive repertoire of music is "Nothing Personal (Deluxe Version)", an album that is an exceptional reflection of their growth and exploration as musicians. This collection of tracks is a sonic explosion of melodies and beats, sure to keep you engrossed with its unique rhythm and lyrics. Each song on the album is finely crafted, showcasing the band's ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, making it a favorite amongst fans and critics alike.

But what makes this album truly special is that it is a rare limited edition presented in a vibrant neon purple variant color vinyl format. The captivating hue of the vinyl disc brings a new dimension to your music experience, not only audibly but visually as well. It is an exquisite collectible that combines sensory pleasure with aesthetic appeal, making it an absolute must-have for every music enthusiast and vinyl collector out there. So, don't miss out on owning this unique piece of All Time Low's musical legacy!


Weightless 3:18
Break Your Little Heart 2:52
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) 3:07
Lost In Stereo 3:47
Stella 3:24
Sick Little Games 3:36
Hello, Brooklyn 3:30
Walls 3:11
Too Much 4:15
Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal 3:20
A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) 2:59
Therapy 3:44

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