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Aerosmith's "Permanent Vacation" Album On Red Colored Vinyl LP Record

Aerosmith's "Permanent Vacation" Album On Red Colored Vinyl LP Record

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Ladies and gentlemen, let's rewind the hands of time to the year 1970, where the birth of a legendary rock band took place in Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, we're talking about none other than Aerosmith! The band's lineup, consisting of the charismatic Steven Tyler, astute Joe Perry, dynamic Brad Whitford, sturdy Tom Hamilton, and the rhythmic Joey Kramer, encapsulated the essence of rock n' roll in the most electrifying manner.

Aerosmith didn't just sing songs; they narrated stories - tales of life, love, and everything in between. Their irresistible blend of hard rock and blues, combined with a touch of pop, created magic that captivated the hearts of millions worldwide. With their high-energy performances and soul-stirring music, Aerosmith revolutionized the rock genre, earning them the title 'The Bad Boys from Boston' and 'America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band'.

Moving on from their illustrious history, let's delve into one of their most iconic albums - 'Permanent Vacation'. Released in 1987, this album signaled a turning point in Aerosmith's career. It was a phenomenal comeback after a series of professional and personal challenges faced by the band members. 'Permanent Vacation' truly reflected the band's undying spirit and unwavering passion for music.

And now, we have something exceptional for all the Aerosmith fans out there. This isn't just your ordinary run-of-the-mill vinyl record. This is a limited edition, uniquely colored vinyl of 'Permanent Vacation'. We won't reveal the color just yet - let's just say it's as vibrant and captivating as the music etched into the record. This red vinyl isn't just a music record; it's a collector's item, a piece of history, a tangible representation of Aerosmith's indomitable spirit.

So, if you're an Aerosmith aficionado or a vinyl collector, you cannot let this golden opportunity pass. This is your chance to own a piece of music history, to add a dash of red to your vinyl collection, to immerse in the timeless melody of 'Permanent Vacation'. Get ready to embark on a musical journey, with Aerosmith as your guide, and let your spirit soar on the wings of their enchanting music.


Heart's Done Time 4:42
Magic Touch 4:40
Rag Doll 4:21
Simoriah 3:21
Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 4:23
St. John 4:12
Hangman Jury 5:33
Girl Keeps Coming Apart 4:12
Angel 5:10
Permanent Vacation 4:52
I'm Down 2:20
The Movie 4:00

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