Collection: Taylor Swift 1989 Versions and Variants Vinyl Collection at Colorful Vinyl

Taylor Swift 1989 Versions and Variants Vinyl Collection at Colorful Vinyl

Welcome to Colorful Vinyl's exclusive collection page for Taylor Swift's iconic album "1989". Our curated selection features various vibrant and unique vinyl editions of this landmark album. Each version offers a distinct color and design, making it a must-have for any true Swiftie and vinyl collector. Dive into our exclusive collection and find the perfect edition that resonates with you.

Featured Vinyl Versions

1989 Crystal Skies Blue Vinyl Experience the timeless tracks of "1989" on a stunning Crystal Skies Blue vinyl. This edition captures the essence of the album's cool, polished pop sound. The striking blue color adds a visual appeal that matches the album's modern and sleek vibe. Perfect for those who appreciate both aesthetic beauty and auditory excellence.

1989 Sunrise Boulevard Yellow Vinyl Illuminate your collection with the 1989 Sunrise Boulevard Yellow vinyl. This bright, cheerful color edition mirrors the upbeat and energetic tracks of the album. It's a perfect choice for those who want their collection to radiate positivity and warmth. The yellow vinyl is as eye-catching as it is essential for any "1989" enthusiast.

1989 Aquamarine Green Vinyl Bring a fresh, vibrant touch to your vinyl collection with the 1989 Aquamarine Green vinyl edition. The lush green color symbolizes the growth and evolution in Taylor's music journey, reflecting the innovative spirit of the "1989" album. This version is a beautiful addition for fans who love to showcase their unique taste.

1989 Rose Garden Pink Vinyl Step into the vibrant world of "1989" with the Rose Garden Pink vinyl edition. The soft yet striking pink hue complements the album's playful and dynamic tracks. This edition is a must-have for fans who enjoy a pop of color in their vinyl collection. It's a testament to Taylor's bold and adventurous musical style.

1989 Tangerine Vinyl Add a splash of zest to your collection with the 1989 Tangerine vinyl. This unique color edition is as refreshing as it is rare, embodying the innovative and spirited nature of the album. The tangerine vinyl stands out not only for its vibrant color but also for its rarity, making it a prized piece for collectors.

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