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Sublime 40 oz To Freedom Rivers of Babylon Blue Galaxy Color Vinyl LP

Sublime 40 oz To Freedom Rivers of Babylon Blue Galaxy Color Vinyl LP

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Sublime, a name that resonates through the annals of music history as a symbol of raw, unfiltered talent. A band that sprung from the sun-soaked streets of Long Beach, California, in the late 1980s, Sublime was a potent mix of rock, reggae, hip-hop and ska that defined a generation. They are the embodiment of the eclectic nature of American music, a band that skated between genres with the ease of seasoned pros. The trio, consisting of Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson and Floyd "Bud" Gaugh, defied convention, injecting their tracks with a gritty realism that was as compelling as it was confronting.

Though their journey as a band was tragically cut short with the untimely death of lead singer Bradley Nowell in 1996, Sublime left an indelible mark on the music scene. Their legacy lives on in the albums they left behind, and their music continues to inspire a new generation of listeners.

Enter "40oz. To Freedom", Sublime's debut album and the one that set it all off. Released in 1992, this album was a radical departure from the mainstream music of the time. It was a daring blend of reggae, punk, hip-hop, and ska that showcased the band's versatile musicianship and Bradley's soulful, pleading vocals. From the moody introspection of "Badfish" to the cheeky, upbeat tempo of "Date Rape", the album is a roller coaster of emotion and rhythm that leaves you begging for more.

But what makes this offering even more special is the rivers of Babylon blue galaxy variant color limited edition vinyl. This isn't just a record; it's a tangible piece of music history. The brilliant rivers of Babylon blue galaxy variant color limited edition vinyl disc shimmers and sparkles, a unique color that matches the vibrant, unpredictable nature of the music etched into it. This is a collector's item, a chance to own a piece of Sublime's legacy in a format that harks back to the golden age of music. The tactile experience of placing the needle onto the vinyl, the anticipation of the first notes, the immersive nature of the analog sound - it's a sensory experience that takes you back to the roots of music listening.


 Waiting For My Ruca 2:21
Get Out! 3:32
40oz. To Freedom 3:02
Smoke Two Joints 2:54
We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance 3:28
Don't Push 4:19
5446/Ball And Chain 5:18
Badfish 3:05
Lets Go Get Stoned 3:38
New Thrash 1:27
Scarlet Begonias 3:35
Live At E's 3:09
D.J.'s 3:18
Chica Me Tipo 2:16
Right Back 2:50
What Happened 3:27
New Song 3:15
Ebin 3:32
Date Rape 3:36
Theme From "Rawhide" 1:03
Hope 1:44
KRS-One 2:24
Rivers Of Babylon 2:30
Thanx Dub 4:23

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