New Vinyl Releases May 25, 2024: Haley Heynderickx, Estelle, Blind Melon

New Vinyl Releases May 25, 2024: Haley Heynderickx, Estelle, Blind Melon

News about general vinyl releases, not necessarily vinyl we have :(, but you may be able to find it if you're lucky. Some may still be in a pre-order status.

Haley Heynderickx - I Need to Start a Garden (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl)

Haley Heynderickx’s “I Need to Start a Garden” is a beautiful exploration of indie pop and Portland indie influences. The album’s raw and intimate songs, like “The Bug Collector” and “Oom Sha La La,” showcase her unique voice and storytelling ability. With a popularity score of 51 and 260,335 popular streaming site followers, Haley has carved out a niche for herself in the indie music scene. This exclusive colored vinyl is perfect for any collector looking to add a touch of indie flair to their collection.

Estelle - Shine (Transparent Orange With Opaque Center)

Estelle’s “Shine” on transparent orange vinyl with an opaque center is a visual and auditory delight. Known for the hit single “American Boy,” this album blends neo-soul and R&B effortlessly. With a popularity score of 63 and 291,517 popular streaming site followers, Estelle’s music continues to resonate with fans. This vinyl offers a perfect opportunity to experience her soulful voice and catchy rhythms in a unique format.

Portishead - Roseland NYC Live (25th Anniversary Limited Edition) (Red)

This 25th Anniversary Limited Edition of Portishead’s “Roseland NYC Live” in red vinyl is a must-have for any trip-hop fan. Known for their dark and atmospheric sound, tracks like “Glory Box” and “Sour Times” have a haunting beauty that captivates listeners. With a popularity score of 60 and 1,999,268 popular streaming site followers, Portishead’s influence is undeniable. Celebrate this milestone anniversary with a timeless live performance captured in stunning red vinyl.

Blind Melon - Soup (Orange)

Blind Melon’s “Soup” in orange vinyl is a vibrant tribute to the band’s eclectic sound. Known for hits like “No Rain” and “Change,” Blind Melon’s music is a blend of alternative rock and grunge. With a popularity score of 57 and 1,190,814 popular streaming site followers, their music has a loyal fanbase. This limited edition vinyl is a fantastic way to experience the band’s unique energy and creativity.

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