Discover the Secrets of Taylor Swift Vinyl Albums: Canadian Edition

Discover the Secrets of Taylor Swift Vinyl Albums: Canadian Edition

For every dedicated collector of Taylor Swift vinyl albums, there's an ongoing hunt for that rare piece to perfect their collection. Whether you're an old-time fan or a recent convert to the magic of Taylor Swift on vinyl, we've uncovered a golden tip that might just be the solution to your vinyl quest.

While many of us frequently visit the USA Taylor Swift vinyl store, an untapped treasure trove remains just a click away, hiding in plain sight: The Taylor Swift Canadian vinyl album store. Surprisingly, there's a difference between the two.

Why is this significant, you ask? Well, for starters, the Canadian store boasts a few exclusive editions that have been notoriously hard to come by elsewhere. We're talking about gems like the Midnights Love Potion Purple Marbled edition, some of the new 1989 Taylor's variants including the Sunrise Boulevard Yellow edition which is not currently available on the USA store (as of posting this blog article), and even some of the otherwise Target exclusive variants such as the deep and enchanting evermore red colored vinyl, and the sunlit grooves of the 1989 Taylor's Version Tangerine variants.

For those in the know, this discovery could make all the difference in completing their Taylor Swift vinyl album collection. For others, it’s a delightful revelation that the magic of Taylor Swift on vinyl has even more layers waiting to be explored.

So, before you resign yourself to the thought that you might never get your hands on these elusive records, consider casting your net a bit wider. With the Canadian store still holding onto these rare treasures, there's hope yet for the passionate collector in you.

In conclusion, while the love for Taylor Swift's artistry is universal, the availability of her exclusive vinyl albums isn’t. It's time to embark on an international vinyl journey and add those unique Canadian editions to your prized collection. Remember, when it comes to Taylor Swift on vinyl, sometimes the rarest treasures are hidden just beyond the horizon. And while we would love to sell you a few vinyl from our Taylor Swift colored vinyl albums collection, as we expect some of these to increase in price, we are also not trying to rip you off if they are still available for retail and the Taylor Swift Canadian Vinyl Album Store. Happy hunting!
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