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The Growlers

The Growlers "Dream World" Blue Sky w White Swirl Color Vinyl Record

The Growlers "Dream World" Blue Sky w White Swirl Color Vinyl Record

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Dive into the spellbinding world of The Growlers, a band that has carved a distinct niche in the music industry with their intoxicating blend of rock and pop sounds. Formed in 2006 in Dana Point, California, The Growlers have become a staple in the alternative music scene with their unique style that they fondly dub as "Beach Goth." Comprising Brooks Nielsen (vocals) and Kyle Straka (keyboard and trumpet), the band's name is an homage to their infamous, rough partying days.

Over the years, The Growlers have amassed a loyal following with their enthralling music and electrifying performances. The band's evolution is a testament to their creative prowess, as they've consistently pushed boundaries with each of their albums. Their lyrics are a captivating mix of poignant storytelling and whimsical imagery, making their music an immersive experience for their listeners.

Now, allow us to introduce you to their limited edition album, "Dream World." Immerse yourself in the auditory journey that "Dream World" offers, an album that truly encapsulates The Growlers' unique essence. The record, pressed on blue sky with white swirl color vinyl, is a vibrant reflection of the band's striking musicality. The special color of the vinyl not only makes it a visual treat but also a rare collectors' item. Each track in "Dream World" is a testament to The Growlers' artistic growth, inviting you to lose yourself in their mesmerizing sonic landscape.

From the haunting melodies to the poignant lyrics, "Dream World" is an album that stays with you long after the last note has faded. Experience this blue sky with white swirl color vinyl edition, a must-have item for any music lover and vinyl collector. Don't miss the chance to own this unique piece of The Growlers' discography. Remember, this is not just an album, it's a tangible piece of music history. Get your hands on it before it's gone!


Dream World
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