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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's "folklore" Album On Red Variant Colored Vinyl LP Record

Taylor Swift's "folklore" Album On Red Variant Colored Vinyl LP Record

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Taylor Swift, the multi-talented powerhouse who has redefined the realm of pop and country music. Born in Pennsylvania, Swift's passion for music sparked at an early age. She cemented her name in the music industry with a unique blend of country and pop, underscored by her raw, personal lyrics that resonate with a universal audience. Swift's journey is a testament to her artistic purity and determination, with each album marking a significant chapter in her evolution.

Capturing hearts globally, Swift has an intoxicating ability to weave stories through her songs, unraveling emotions that strike listeners at their core. Her songwriting prowess, combined with her enchanting vocals, has garnered a legion of loyal fans and countless accolades including 10 Grammy Awards. With every album, she has pushed the boundaries of her artistry, continually reinventing herself yet staying true to her narrative-driven songwriting.

Presenting "folklore (deluxe version)", a testament to Taylor Swift's boundless creativity and her ability to consistently deliver music that touches the soul. This album takes you on a journey through the twists and turns of life, exuding a harmonious blend of pop, indie, and alternative vibes. The lyrics paint vivid images, pulling at heartstrings and leaving a lasting impression. This album graces the listener with layers of soulful melodies, creating an immersive and intimate experience.

Now, imagine this enchanting musical journey etched onto a limited edition, color-rich vinyl. Each spin of this vibrant red variant vinyl not only fills the room with Swift's mesmerizing harmonies but also serves as a conversation piece, embodying the essence of the album "folklore (deluxe version)". It's a beautiful blend of auditory and visual art, a keepsake for any music lover or Swift fan. This rare red variant vinyl is more than just a record, it's a tangible piece of music history.


The 1 3:30
Cardigan 3:59
The Last Great American Dynasty 3:50
Exile 4:45
My Tears Ricochet 4:15
Mirrorball 3:28
Seven 3:28
August 4:21
This Is Me Trying 3:15
Illicit Affairs 3:10
Invisible String 4:12
Mad Woman 3:57
Epiphany 4:49
Betty 4:54
Peace 3:54
Hoax 3:40

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