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Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly "Tickets To My Downfall" Pink Color Vinyl LP Record

Machine Gun Kelly "Tickets To My Downfall" Pink Color Vinyl LP Record

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Machine Gun Kelly - An Artist's Journey

Immerse yourself in the thrilling genesis and compelling journey of the musical titan known as Machine Gun Kelly. Emerging from the pulsating heart of Cleveland, Ohio, this audacious artist, born Richard Colson Baker, has consistently defied boundaries and expectations since his foray into the music industry in 2006.

Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK as he’s affectionately known, is an electrifying embodiment of raw talent and relentless ambition. From releasing mixtapes that etched his name into the annals of rap history, to his bold transition into pop-punk, MGK’s musical audacity is as distinctive as his myriad of tattoos. His evocative lyricism, fused with his dynamic beats, make each track a candid confession - an auditory journey into the heart of an artist unafraid to bare his soul.

Tickets To My Downfall - A Vinyl Experience

Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to own a piece of this artist’s journey. Introducing "Tickets To My Downfall," a musical magnum opus presented on a pink vinyl record, a treasure of auditory brilliance and visual allure. This limited edition album isn’t just a collection of songs, but a testament to MGK's versatility and his audacious foray into the domains of pop-punk.

"Tickets To My Downfall" is more than an album, it's an invitation. Each track is a ticket, guiding you through the tumultuous rollercoaster of MGK's odyssey, his victories, his battles, his heartbreaks, and his euphoric highs. From the bittersweet harmonies of "bloody valentine" to the anthemic "forget me too", your senses will be ignited by the emotional intensity and raw authenticity that is quintessentially MGK.

This pink vinyl record isn’t just a medium to play music, it's a tangible embodiment of MGK's artistry. Each revolution on your record player doesn't just spin a disc; it spins a narrative, it spins an experience, it spins the soul of Machine Gun Kelly. This is your ticket to embark on an unforgettable journey with MGK, etched into a vinyl as unique as the artist himself.


A1 Title Track
A2 Kiss Kiss
A3 Drunk Face
A4 Bloody Valentine
A5 Forget Me Too
A6 All I Know
A7 Lonely
B2 Kevin and Barracuda Interlude
B3 Concert For Aliens
B4 My Ex's Best Friend
B5 Jawbreaker
B6 Nothing Inside
B7 Banyan Tree Interlude
B8 Play This When I'm Gone

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