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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's "Folklore" Album On White Variant Color Vinyl LP Record

Taylor Swift's "Folklore" Album On White Variant Color Vinyl LP Record

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Step into the enchanting world of Taylor Swift, a versatile and widely acclaimed artist who needs no introduction in the sphere of music. Swift's journey started as a young teenager in Nashville, Tennessee with her debut country album. With her unique storytelling ability and penchant for writing relatable lyrics, she quickly captured hearts worldwide, becoming an iconic figure in the global music industry. Over the years, she has impressively transitioned from country to pop, and consistently proved her mettle with each new album. Winning numerous awards and accolades, Swift has continued to evolve and experiment with her music, never failing to surprise her audience with her unbounded creativity and versatility.

Her album folklore with "meet behind the mall" variant cover and white color vinyl is no exception to this. This remarkable album is an exquisite blend of indie folk, alternative rock, and electro-folk sounds, showcasing her versatility and emotional depth. Every song in this album is like a chapter from a book, revealing a different facet of Swift’s lyrical ingenuity. From the melancholic "my tears ricochet" to the reflective "invisible string", each track is a testament to Taylor's songwriting prowess.

But the allure of this particular vinyl doesn’t just lie in the music it holds. This limited edition folklore "meet behind the mall" variant cover vinyl record has a unique selling proposition – its white variant color hue! This characteristic not only enhances its aesthetics but also makes it a sought-after collectible for fans and vinyl enthusiasts alike. The vibrant color of the vinyl disc is a sight to behold, adding a splash of personality to your record collection. This is no ordinary vinyl; it embodies art, music, and love in a tangible, colorful form.


The 1 3:30
Cardigan 3:59
The Last Great American Dynasty 3:50
Exile 4:45
My Tears Ricochet 4:15
Mirrorball 3:28
Seven 3:28
August 4:21
This Is Me Trying 3:15
Illicit Affairs 3:10
Invisible String 4:12
Mad Woman 3:57
Epiphany 4:49
Betty 4:54
Peace 3:54
Hoax 3:40

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