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Maroon 5

Maroon 5 "JORDI" Album On Multicolor Variant Vinyl LP Record

Maroon 5 "JORDI" Album On Multicolor Variant Vinyl LP Record

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Maroon 5: A Story of Synthesis and Success

Meet Maroon 5, an American pop rock powerhouse that has swept the music scene with their infectious tunes and distinctive style. Born in the heart of Los Angeles, Maroon 5's journey has been nothing short of thrilling. Uniting in high school under the band name Kara's Flowers, Adam Levine and friends began their musical endeavors with a grunge influence that would later morph into the engaging pop-rock fusion they're known for today.

After a brief hiatus, they re-emerged as Maroon 5, paying homage to their transformative journey. Their music is a blend of pop, rock, funk, R&B, and soul, creating a unique sound that sets them apart in the music industry. The band's diverse style, complemented by Levine's distinct falsetto, has led them to commercial success and critical acclaim.

"JORDI": A Unique Sonic Journey on Multi-Color variant Vinyl

Experience the magic of Maroon 5 in a way you've never had before with "JORDI" on a limited edition multi-color variant vinyl. This album, a tribute to their late manager, Jordan Feldstein, is a testament to Maroon 5's evolution and resilience.

"JORDI" encapsulates the band's signature melodic catchiness while introducing new elements that reveal their continuous growth as artists. Expect to be taken on a roller coaster of emotions as you spin this multi-color variant vinyl, with every track offering a distinct vibe that collectively maintains the band's cohesive sound.

The multi-color variant vinyl isn't just a medium; it's an experience. From the moment you place it on your record player, you'll be transported into the world of Maroon 5, one where every beat, chord, and lyric resonates with crisp, high-quality sound only vinyl can deliver. This isn't just a rare colored vinyl; it's an immersive journey into the heart of Maroon 5's music.

Don't miss the chance to own this unique piece of Maroon 5's history. Act fast as this multi-color variant vinyl edition of "JORDI" is limited and highly coveted by fans and collectors alike.


Beautiful Mistakes 3:47
Lost 2:52
Echo 2:58
Lovesick 3:04
Remedy 2:29
Seasons 2:48
One Light 3:34
Convince Me Otherwise 3:07
Nobody's Love 3:31
Can't Leave You Alone 3:16
Memories 3:08
Memories Remix 3:09

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