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Labrinth "Euphoria" Original Score HBO Series Metallic Gold Vinyl LP

Labrinth "Euphoria" Original Score HBO Series Metallic Gold Vinyl LP

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Artist Backstory: Labrinth

Immerse yourselves in the rich musical world of Timothée Lee McKenzie, popularly known as Labrinth. This English singer, songwriter, and record producer has been captivating audiences since his debut single 'Let The Sun Shine' in 2010. From humble beginnings in Hackney, London, Labrinth has certainly come a long way. He's an enigma in the UK music scenario, seamlessly blending genres and sprinkling innovation into every track he crafts.

Labrinth is not just an artist. He's a creative wizard who has worked his magic on collaborations with renowned artists like Emeli Sandé, Tinie Tempah, and The Weeknd. Yet, his prowess truly shines when he's illustrating his own stories through his solo work. Be it dance, R&B, soul or electronic, Labrinth molds genres to his will, delivering an experience that transcends the mere act of listening.

The Album: Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)

Venture into the melodic universe of 'Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)', a testament to Labrinth's versatility as an artist. This album, composed for the critically acclaimed HBO series 'Euphoria', is a sonic journey that explores the depths of teenage angst, joy, and everything in between.

Every track is a stroke of brilliance, perfectly encapsulating the raw, unfiltered emotions of the series' characters. From pulsating beats to haunting melodies, 'Euphoria' is a kaleidoscope of sounds that magnifies Labrinth's talent as a composer. The album resonates with listeners long after the last note fades, a testament to its profound impact.

And now, you have the chance to own this extraordinary experience in the form of a limited edition metallic gold and purple color vinyl record. This isn't just a piece of media. It's a tangible piece of Labrinth's creative genius, a rare artifact that captures the essence of 'Euphoria' in a special metallic gold and purple color vinyl disc. Every spin of this record is a step into Labrinth's world, an invitation to experience 'Euphoria' as never before.

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